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Commodity trading value pools have grown substantially, almost doubling from $27 billion in 2018 to an estimated $52 billion in 2021, and analysis suggests that its overall value will continue to grow, commodity trading firms are an important link in the supply chain connecting producers of such commodities as oil, agricultural produce, iron ore and non-ferrous metals with processors and consumers.

The essential intermediary role and financial capabilities of Charter Trade Ltd puts the company in a very strategic position to balance the interests of producers and consumers, many of our suppliers are from countries in which they heavily depend on the export of commodities to generate revenues.

While the large international commodity trading companies now invest in the full supply chain from investing in large scale factory farming, large scale manufacturing facilities which is destroying rural communities and their livelihood, at Charter Trade Ltd we are proud to be working with smaller scale farmers, manufacturers, focusing on the sustainability of these farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

In recent times, the commodity markets have been affected by unprecedented events ranging from political unrest, supply chain disruption to recession fears, which have caused major price shocks and dramatic fluctuations in a commodity trader’s financial performance. At Charter Trade Ltd we have incorporated an appropriate strict risk management system, the company never takes market risk nor any other risks, the company is extremely experienced in risk management and risk mitigation.

Charter Trade is part of a wider group, Charter HCP.

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Our Expertise

We are experts in buying and selling raw materials and physical goods. We use our knowledge of the markets and commodities to make informed decisions about when to buy and sell in order to make a profit. We have a deep understanding of the supply and demand dynamics of the commodities they trade, as well as the economic and political factors that can affect prices. 

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is rooted in environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

We have implemented practices such as using organic farming, recycling and other environmentally-friendly practises.

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